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School Choice - Wisconsin

Shifting power away from centralized agencies by empowering a decentralized and motivated network of parents with school choice has put Wisconsin on the leading edge showing what is possible in the new era of publicly funded, parent-empowered education! A growing body of data proves that school choice in Wisconsin is a win-win-win!

  • Over thirty years ago, school choice in Wisconsin began as an experiment with the premise that parents, when empowered to choose the best school option for their children by removing the barrier of cost through a voucher, would consistently choose better than a centralized system which randomly assigned them their school based on their zip code.  Now, thirty years later, the data definitively shows it works!  
  • Empowering parents has provided far better outcomes for their own children as well as for the system of school choice schools as a whole.
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It Works For Parents


School choice has experienced over 30% enrollment growth during the last 5 years.


Favorability ratings toward school choice are very high.

It Works For Students


Parental Choice students outperform their local district peers by over 35% in language arts (ELA) and by over 65% in mathematics on the Wisconsin state learning test.

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It Works For Schools


Over 90% growth in school participation during the last 5 years! *


Public funding has been a major growth catalyst for private and faith-based schools in WI!

Last 5 years: $1.4 Billion

2019/2020: $350 Million

Total public funding used by children to access school choice schools in WI