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Welcome to Open Sky Education  |  Wisconsin Region

We’re working to ensure that a full and lasting education is  accessible and affordable for children in Milwaukee and Racine.

In Wisconsin, Open Sky Education proudly supports the largest, growing network of parental choice schools, HOPE Christian Schools. 

HOPE Christian Schools serve over 3,300 scholars and their families on six campuses in two cities. We provide high-quality, Christian education in a safe, supportive environment. We graduate scholars who are well prepared to be inspirations to their families, leaders in their communities, and successes in the workplace. HOPE is so much more than a network of schools. HOPE is an experience. 

Anyone who attends our schools, tours our campuses, visits our website, or interacts with our people should have a positive and memorable experience. 

What sets HOPE apart? 

Distinctively Christian
HOPE Christian Schools is a Christ-centered organization.  From the team we hire, to the curriculum we choose, the culture we set, the allocation of our time and resources, and all facets of our organization, Christ is our Alpha and Omega.  To Him alone be all the glory!

Affordable, Sustainable, Scalable in an Urban Setting
Our goal is to make a high quality Christian education accessible and affordable for all.  We have built our network of HOPE Christian Schools in areas where families have less resources than the norm across the U.S.  For this reason, utilizing vouchers and other sources of public funding has been critical to making our Christian schools accessible and affordable to our families.  We also have carefully designed our financial models to ensure long-term sustainability at the school level and scalability at the network level so that our existing schools can fulfill their commitment long-term to our families and our network can grow to serve more children regionally and nationally.

Academic Excellence
At HOPE, our emphasis is on helping children reach their full potential. We use NWEA MAP testing data to drive and adjust our academic instruction throughout the year. These assessments help teachers understand the amount of learning growth a child makes in a given period of time.

Many of our scholars are able to achieve strong academic growth in a school year. Wherever growth goals are not met, we dive into the data to determine why, and how we can help each child reach full potential. 

Serving Leaders
Our team is at the center of a national movement that is working to revolutionize education in the United States. 

Our staff and scholars benefit from our network of experienced educators who share and learn from one another while incorporating individual strengths. We provide a sustainable career path full of opportunities for our staff, enabling them to reach their full potential while helping scholars
reach theirs.

This is an exciting time to join our entrepreneurial team. If you’d like to match your talent with a career at HOPE, please visit our careers webpage to view our current openings.