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Our Regions

The Open Sky schools division is leveraging American educational policy shifts to provide high quality education through voucher and charter school programs. Our Christian school model integrates all three Open Sky Education pillars of a full and lasting education into a single model at HOPE Christian Schools, serving over 3,200 children in six schools located in Milwaukee and Racine, Wisconsin. Our public charter school model, integrating two of the Open Sky Education pillars (strong academics and civic character formation), are EAGLE College Preparatory schools serving over 1,200 children in Phoenix, AZ.  

Moving forward, our focus is to:

  • Build key infrastructure required to create consistently strong outcomes for the children we serve in our schools. 
  • Grow by opening new schools in existing and new markets. 
  • Increase our capacity by making core elements of our model and our infrastructure accessible to others who wish to replicate parts of what we’re doing. This leverages what we are learning and provides value for other educators and schools across our country.

Future Growth

The excellent delivery of a full and lasting education happens one child, one school and one community at a time. The ability to make this type of education accessible and affordable for all requires the creation of sustainable, scalable models that enable growth and create the ability to serve more children. Open Sky is also tapping into the breakthroughs we are seeing in technology and policy to expand our offerings nationwide.