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Support Team

Open Sky's management and innovation teams are leveraging macro shifts in our world today to create new models of education that are:

  1. Full and lasting: Integrating faith formation, character formation and career or college academics 
  2. Accessible and affordable: Giving access to our unique models to a wider range of low- and middle-income families
  3. Sustainable and scalable: Building our models with margin allowing for growth in quality and quantity

The Open Sky National Support Team provides a unique set of value propositions: 

Improve Quality

  1. Management services: A team of experienced and passionate leaders who provide leadership, management and coaching services for school leaders and staff. 
  2. Back-office support:  Our centralized support team and purposeful infrastructure are the engine behind the schools, allowing educators to do what they do best. Centralized services includes a growing list of support in the areas of Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Federal and State Grants Management, Teacher Training and Coaching, Data Applications and Warehouse, Metrics Reporting, and Recruitment (student and teacher).
  3. Character Formation Project: Open Sky's unique character development tool provides content for classroom curriculum, teacher training and personal growth. 

Increase Revenue

  1. Public Private Partnerships: Open Sky's Support Team has experience leveraging available public funding for full and lasting education access by low- and middle-income families. Currently we have leveraged two billion dollars in public funds for charter and voucher schools in multiple states.
  2. Grant Access: Many years of development has led to our substantial expertise and management capabilities  of local, state and national public funding. 
  3. Enrollment: We have built an infrastructure to help grow enrollment through recruitment and retention strategies. And it's working!
enrollment growth chart


Decrease Costs

  1.  Centralized Back-Office Functions: By harnessing the power of the network, we have built centralized functional areas that can grow as the number of schools we serve increase. 
  2. Singular Learning Platform: Focusing on data driven instruction, we have built a centralized learning platform that is available to all teachers and students. 
  3. National Innovation and Management Team: The Open Sky National Team works step in step with one another to ensure efficiency at all levels.