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Soaring Education Services

Introducing: Soaring Education Services

We'll put wings on your idea for a new school!

Looking to start a new school? Soaring Education Services provides a simple, low-risk, affordable approach to Christian education.

Our expertise offers everything from funding recommendations to establishing a curriculum that meets your Christian education goals.
EVERY STEP of the school start-up process is part of our roadmap, including:

  • funding resources
  • planning and timetables
  • rallying community families
  • selecting an ideal learning facility
  • identifying and hiring passionate educators
  • designing and developing curriculum
  • establishing a distinct Christian identity
  • scheduling and operational planning
  • exploring enrollment and tuition models by state
  • marketing your school
  • consulting on state licensing and permitting

We can help with EVERY ASPECT of starting a school.
There’s never been a better time to start a Christian school.

At Soaring Education Services we take the guesswork out of starting a school and let you focus on what you do best. 

Whether you’re a small church looking to start a new school for your community or a homeschool parent seeking to include more
families, Soaring has all the answers you need. 

We can help with every aspect of starting and operating a school or even improving an existing school.


We provide customized planning for your team using a facilitated process. This includes project planning, conceptualization, and
prioritization of work. We provide the coaching, resources, tools, and materials needed for a successful, personalized school launch.
Launch services come in convenient packages which are tailored to your specific goals. These services and coaching are also available à
la carte.

Other launch services include:
• Technology support services — putting your school on the web and connecting students, educators, and parents.
• Human resource services — we’ll become your HR department, handling everything from payroll to workers’ comp claims.
• Talent services — staffing your school and finding passionate educators.
• Accounting services — basic financial management of your operation.
• Curriculum and Learning Management using carefully curated tools and resources.
• Marketing and branding your school to keep your enrollment levels high.

Ongoing School Support

Any individual services outlined in the launch section can be customized for use with an existing school. Let Soaring Education Services be the wind beneath the wings of your school start-up!

More Information

Contact Jack Preus, National Director of Soaring Education Services, by email at to develop a custom roadmap for your school.