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School Services

Open Sky recently initiated the School Services Division which will  provide school launch support and provide back-office support services to existing schools. Open Sky School Services operates with a disciplined business model, freeing educators to execute on their passion for teaching. Open Sky will help to ensure that detailed operations, finance, and human resources activities take place in support of the school's mission. 

School Services focus will be on compliance and improving quality, while increasing revenues and reducing cost.  Our team focuses on enhancing established school business models to ensure sustainability and stewardship.  

Open Sky Education's School Services Offerings include: 

  • School Launch Consultation
  • Back-Office Support
  • Human Resource Management and Payroll
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Facility Planning and Management
  • Metrics and Data Applications
  • School Operations
  • Board Relations
  • Enrollment and Retention
  • Grants and Compliance

Open Sky has a robust team of experienced leaders and over 20 years of experience in supporting voucher and charter schools. Please reach out to our Executive Vice President, Glenn Kieckhaefer to begin discussions on ways to enhance your school support offerings.