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For some educators, facilities are a distraction or a lead weight slowing down the advancement of their mission.

They are an extremely high upfront cost, require significant time, energy and finances to maintain, and do little to intentionally advance the mission of an organization. We view facilities as a way to reach more children. Every one of our facilities serves as a “learning center” which, in a variety of ways, is a platform to provide physical access to all three pillars of Open Sky Education’s mission to the communities we serve.

In order to create an exceptional, sustainable and scalable facilities model, we have developed an entirely separate Open Sky Education division to specifically focus on facility acquisition, design, renovation, construction, finance, compliance, safety and maintenance.  Creating this as a separate division has allowed us to do a few key things that are critical for the advancement of our mission including:  

  • First, we have a team of experts leading all aspects of our facilities division. This allows our experienced educators to do what they are most equipped and passionate for, while engaging a group of mission-driven facilities experts to provide critical services related to our facilities.  
  • Second, it has enabled us to ensure we have intentionality around the design of our learning space to make bright, clean, safe and inspiring work and learning spaces for the delivery of our three pillars.  
  • Third, we have built a financial model that ensures our facilities are financially and physically sustainable for the long-run and not a financial burden on our schools or child care centers.  
  • Finally, the schools division is able to lease space to a variety of mission-aligned tenants who collectively provide the pillars of the Open Sky Education mission to the community. 

Moving forward, we will continue to improve our facility quality and infrastructure to better serve our schools and child care divisions. We also seek to increase the number of organizations we work with in our existing markets and in new markets to create and manage facilities.

Connect with our Facilities Team National Leader, Jeff Gauger, CPA.