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EAGLE Charter Schools

EAGLE College Preparatory Schools is a network of open enrollment public charter schools for scholars in kindergarten through 8th grade. We have four EAGLE schools in the Greater Phoenix Area.

EAGLE is more than a name for a network of schools. We want EAGLE to be an impactful experience. Anyone who attends our schools, tours our campus, visits our website or interacts with our people should have a positive and memorable experience.

What’s in a name?

The EAGLE name describes our unique approach: Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis. This means EAGLE schools pursue academic excellence in a safe, supportive and loving learning environment. We care about our scholars so much that we will not allow any to achieve less than their full potential. We raise the bar high and then support scholars as they spread their wings and soar to new heights. 

EAGLE is an acronym and Expecting Academic Greatness with a Loving Emphasis is a registered trademark of Open Sky Education. EAGLE College Preparatory Schools is also a registered trademark. 

Eagles are noted for their strength and power in flight. Eagles also have served as inspirational, patriotic symbols from ancient times to the present. Scholars at EAGLE College Preparatory Schools aspire to become inspirations to their peers, their families and their communities.

What sets EAGLE apart? 

Excellent Academics
Every child deserves a full and lasting education, regardless of age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. Scholars often arrive at our schools scoring significantly below ideal grade level. We meet scholars where they are and create a plan for growth so they can reach grade level and college readiness standards as quickly as possible.

Character Motivated from Within
With our intentional focus on character development, an EAGLE education helps children understand their unique Identity and Purpose in life, while practicing Actions that serve other people and advance causes beyond themselves. EAGLE schools strive to grow internally motivated character that lasts beyond the classroom and continues to grow throughout life.

All EAGLE schools participate in the Character Formation Project, which teaches the strong connection between Identity, Purpose, and Actions.

Find out more about the Character Formation Project. 

Teaching character has greater purpose beyond cultivating a sense of identity or practicing virtue. EAGLE scholars are motivated to serve others around them. They grow to appreciate causes and ideals larger than themselves. We call this “Greater Purpose.”

Our character formation curriculum uses a unique process designed to help students grow internally motivated character. Scholars learn to shine from within as they serve others.

Loving Emphasis
To us, the loving emphasis at EAGLE has two areas of focus. First, we desire to create a safe, nurturing environment for both our staff and our students where relationships grow, encouragement is ongoing, and growth can flourish. Second, we believe in the incredible value and potential for all our staff and scholars. For this reason we hold a high bar for expectations and provide tireless support and celebration for progress toward excellence.  

Grow with EAGLE

Our team is at the center of a national movement that is working to revolutionize education in America. The education landscape is changing dramatically, and this is an exciting time to join our entrepreneurial team. 

We’re incredibly proud of the students we serve and the results achieved, and we are equally proud of the talent and passion of the people who have joined us along the way. But we’re just getting started, and we’re looking for motivated, innovative thinkers to join our growing team. 

We work hard to create an uplifting and inspiring environment that attracts the best of the best – a place where talented people come to do the most rewarding work of their lives. Match your talent with a career at EAGLE College Preparatory Schools, and be part of a mission that matters. Please visit our Arizona and St. Louis careers page to view current openings. 

EAGLE is supported by Open Sky Education, an entrepreneurial, not-for-profit organization in tireless pursuit of a full and lasting education for all children.