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Our Offerings

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Open Sky Education programs serve families where educational choices and opportunities have eroded over time.

We aim to reach the millions of American families who have lost access to strong academic, faith and character formation opportunities due to financial, public policy, time and geographic constraints. 

Research shows a pent-up demand across all income levels for schools that deliver the full educational package.  This demand can be seen by looking at the impact of policy shifts which provided options in the Milwaukee educational marketplace through vouchers providing tuition-free education to qualifying low-income families. From 2002 through 2010, Lutheran enrollments in Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program grew by roughly 250% while nationally, during the same timeframe, Lutheran enrollment dropped by over 20%. This stark difference further shows the national desire for a full and lasting education and the impact it can have when the financial barrier of access is removed. Families yearn for a loving, nurturing environment that provides character formation, while at this same time, delivering strong academic achievement and Christian learning in locations throughout the United States where these opportunities no longer exist.

Our experience over the past decade has shown that when children are provided access to high quality full and lasting educational options, where they are loved and the bar is raised without excuse or exception, all children can accomplish anything they set out to do with hard work. There are no limits. 

Our goal is to provide our students with a solid foundation of academics, character and faith to launch them on a path toward a self-sufficient, service-driven life as inspirations to their families and communities. Our programs form character and inspire growth in students’ knowledge and skills. Our students graduate from our portfolio of offerings:

EAGLE College Preparatory Schools:  Character-based public charter schools funded by public charter funds in Phoenix.

HOPE Christian Schools: Private Christian schools funded by public vouchers 

Character Formation Project: A teacher training resource and online curriculum content for civic and Christian based character formation instruction

Compass Educational Programs: Christian preschool and before- and after-school care and other complementary programs serving public school children with Gospel-based programming in Phoenix

Open Sky Facilities: A portfolio of 15 unique growing learning environments

Support Team: A vast team of experienced and seasoned leaders managing operations, implementing back-office services, and executing on innovative ideas

Soaring Education Services: A new service providing 20 years of expertise of launching new schools and other forms of Christian education. 

School Choice: A new resource for school operators to learn about the growing school choice movement in the United States, Wisconsin and Milwaukee