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Imagine a World...

Imagine a world with unlimited opportunity and freedom for all children to pursue their full potential, live flourishing lives and serve Greater Purpose. A world where all children have access to a full and lasting education – one that meets the unique potential of each child.

We do.

Open Sky Education is an entrepreneurial not-for-profit organization in tireless pursuit of a full and lasting education for all children. We support and manage a growing network of learning environments and work to ensure that world-class academics, character formation and faith-based educational choices are accessible and affordable for all.

Character Formation

Building internally motivated character

Public Charter Schools

EAGLE College Preparatory Schools in St. Louis and Arizona.

Christian Wraparound Care

Compass offers pre-school and before- and after-school care.

Private Christian Schools

HOPE is a network of college-prep schools in Wisconsin.

National Leaders in School Choice

Open Sky Education is leading the way in school choice.

These are the pillars of a truly full and lasting education Learning That Lasts

Title 4

We pursue world-class academic excellence in all of our learning environments, with the goal of closing achievement gaps and pushing boundaries.

World-class academics

Title 3

Internally drive character formation is intentionally embedded into our learning environments.

Character Formation

Title 2

For families who choose it, our Christian programming focuses on growing in a relationship with Christ and glorifying Him at all times

Faith Formation

Title 1

We’re living in the most opportunistic time in history. Now is a good time to ask ourselves, ‘Where have we done our best, and where can we do better?’ Afterall, behind every data point is a child who needs the love of a teacher and support in his or her academic efforts.

Andrew Neumann, Executive Chair and CEO of Open Sky Education

Open Sky Education at a Glance

More states are exploring school choice as more parents are demanding it

Congratulations to all our 8th grade graduates. Next stop High School!